Now that life is slowly returning to a new normal, I am looking back and reflecting on our COVID journey. At the start of the pandemic, Building Blocks Therapy was no longer seeing clients and my sole focus was my NHS work and obviously the juggle with childcare that we all somehow survived. I was redeployed for a few months and worked with an amazing team at Responsive Services offering discharge support and admission avoidance. A large percentage of the work was also offering end of life care at home, which was emotional and moving. The smallest acts of kindness meant so much to the clients and families and I felt incredibly frightened that the care and support I was able to offer would not be enough at such hugely emotional times of their lives. But those small acts of kindness did seem to be enough and I got through it having learnt and grown as a therapist and also as a person. Gradually over the coming months, I went back to my previous role and somehow managed to juggle Zoom home schooling with rebuilding the business and also my NHS role. However, by March the juggle became too much and I decided to focus solely on Building Blocks Therapy (which became Building Blocks Therapy Ltd) and I waved a very sad goodbye to my lovely NHS colleagues and clients. As life continues to return to normal and childcare duties begin to ease (my middle child has just started school, where does the time go?), I hope to put more time and energy into the business and am starting to explore ways to grow. I am looking forwards to the challenge … but first I might just have a cup of tea and breathe!

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